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City Council

City Council

City Council regular meetings are held on the 2nd and the 4th Monday of every month at 7:00 PM.

Meetings are held at Council Chambers, located at 26 South Paint Street. 

Meetings are broadcast on local Horizon channel 2 and Spectrum channel 1021.


City Council Members

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                 Bruce Arnold, Council President  
            Email: bruce.arnold@chillicotheoh.gov
                          Phone: 740-775-5656

Kathy - Copy
                       Kathy Flechtner, Council Clerk
                   Email: kathy.flechtner@chillicotheoh.gov
                            Phone: 740-774-1185

                   Dustin Proehl, Council At Large 
              Email: dustin.proehl@chillicotheoh.gov
                            Phone: 740-701-4574

Devon_Shoemaker - Copy
                 Devon Shoemaker, Council At Large  
           Email: devon.shoemaker@chillicotheoh.gov
                         Phone: 740-649-6484


                  Ceil Corcoran, Council At Large 
             Email: ceil.corcoran@chillicotheoh.gov
                          Phone: 740-701-9610

Greg_Phillips - Copy
                       Greg Phillips, First Ward 
                 Email: greg.phillips@chillicotheoh.gov
                               Phone: 740-701-3782
Kathy_Payne - Copy
                         Kathy Payne, Second Ward 
                   Email: kathy.payne@chillicotheoh.gov
                                 Phone: 740-701-7384

Deidra_Nickerson - Copy
                         Deidra Nickerson, Third Ward 
                    Email: deidra.nickerson@chillicotheoh.gov
                                  Phone: 740-466-8525

                         David Tatman, Fourth Ward 
                    Email: dave.tatman@chillicotheoh.gov
                                  Phone: 740-466-8132

Courtney_Lewis - Copy
                        Courtney Lewis, Fifth Ward 
                   Email: courtney.lewis@chillicotheoh.gov
                                 Phone: 740-703-7873

Tara_Gillum - Copy
                         Tara Gillum, Sixth Ward 
                    Email: tara.gillum@chillicotheoh.gov
                                  Phone: 740-649-9022

35 S. Paint St. Chillicothe, OH 45601


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