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1. How do I register? 
You do not need to register. All residents, within city limits, that are currently receiving city trash pickup will receive a recycling cart.

2. How big is the cart? 
The cart is 95 gallons. It has 2 wheels, a handle, and an attached lid for convenience.

3. Do I need to sort my recyclables? 
No. All items can be put in the cart together.

4. Do I need to bag my recyclables? 
No. Please put everything in the cart WITHOUT bagging it. Plastic bags are not recyclable.

5. When is my recycling pickup day? 
It will be the same day as your garbage pickup (every other week). Please see the map above to find your pick up day.

6. What can I recycle?
Plastic bottles & jugs, collapsed and with lids screwed back on, glass jars and bottles of any color, aluminum and steel cans, cartons, empty aerosol cans with lids and tips removed, paperboard (cereal boxes, etc.), cardboard (broken down to 3-foot-by-3-foot sections, a variety of paper products, including office paper, newspaper, magazines, junk mail and envelopes (with or without windows), telephone books and paper grocery bags.

7. What do I do if I don’t want my cart? 
Email recycle@chillicotheoh.gov or call 740.773.9711 with your address.

8. Do I have to participate? 
No. There is no penalty for not participating.

9. How much are the carts and how much is it per month? 
The carts are free! They were funded by grants from the RPHF Solid Waste District and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. The $1.95 per month will be added to your trash bill.

10. My Neighbors have carts, but I do not. How do I receive a cart? 
 Please email recycle@chillicotheoh.gov or call 740.773.9711

11. Can I get more than one cart? 
No. Currently we are giving one cart per address. After delivery has concluded the City may have additional carts available.

12. What can I recycle?

magazines, newspaper, note paper, mail, cardboard (please cut up into sizes that can fit inside bin), food cans, glass bottles (broken bottles are accepted), plastic bottles and jugs, EMPTY aerosol cans, windex bottles, cardboard egg cartons

plastic containers (e.g. k-cups, yogurt cups, deli meat containers, tupperware, plastic wrap, plastic bags), glass cups, dishes, wine glasses, styrofoam of any kind (including styrofoam egg cartons), napkins, paper towels, clothes, dog/cat food bags

Special Exception:
Shredded Paper may be recycled if put in a clear trash bag (please do not put 'loose' in your bin). This will be the only time you are permitted to put a plastic bag in your bin. Please leave all other items 'loose' in your bin.

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