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Parks & Recreation

City Parks

Yoctangee Park
Yoctangee Park is 48 acres located downtown adjacent to the Historic First Capital District.  This is a community park for both active and passive enjoyment.  Amenities include: softball and baseball fields, tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts, shelter houses, restroom facilities, picnic areas, handicap accessible playground, bike path access, fishing, and frisbee golf.  Yoctangee Park is also home to the restored Municipal Water Plant built in 1882, which now serves as the Pump House Center for the Arts

Yoctangee Park Annex

Yoctangee Park Annex is contiguous with Yoctangee Park separated by the city’s floodwall protection levy and Pedestrian/Bikeway Corridor.  Yoctangee Annex is the community’s largest athletic recreational area (40+ acres).  The Annex is home to 10 softball fields,  a shelter house, restroom facilities, tree groves, green space, and a boat ramp that provides access to the Scioto River and public fishing along the river’s banks.

The Catherine and Holden Corzine Memorial Dog Park
The Catherine and Holden Corzine Memorial Dog Park opened on October 3rd, 2019.  The first dog park in Chillicothe's history, this park features a small dog park (25lbs and under) and all dog park. This 1 acre off-leash area is open to all of Chillicothe's residents and visitors. Amenities/Features include an ADA compliant parking area with sidewalks leading in to our unleashing area, bike path access, 6 foot high fences to ensure even the largest leapers stay inside the park, water fountains for dogs and their handlers, dog waste stations (bags provided), benches, and plenty of tennis balls! Before visiting with your pup, please read through the Rules and Etiquette. Also check out our Facebook Page or email dogpark@chillicotheoh.gov for additional information.

Poland Park
Poland Park is 3.2 acres located on the corner of Hickory and  West Fifth Streets. This is a neighborhood park with 2 full size basketball courts, restroom facilities, playground equipment, grill, and a shelter house with electricity.

Manor Park
Manor Park is 1.1 acres located in the Chillicothe Manor subdivision off North Bridge Street.  This is a neighborhood park with playground equipment, shelter house with electricity, full size basketball court, and a designated parking area. Manor Park is adjacent to Triple Crown Sports, the Hampton Inn and Suites, the Comfort Inn, and the Christopher Inn, allowing guests of the hotels easy access to a recreational area

Strawser Park
Strawser Park is 2 acres located near the end of the Pedestrian/Bikeway Corridor on East Riverside Street.  This park has a shelter house, play equipment, green field space, and a restroom facility, which serves the park as well as bikeway traffic.

Veteran's Memorial Park
Veterans Memorial Park previously known as Park St. Park is now home to the community’s first and only World War II Memorial.  This park honors citizens of the Chillicothe-Ross County area who have served in foreign wars.  Construction was completed in the summer of 2004.  Chillicothe Veterans’ Memorials, Inc. raised approximately $80,000 to support the bulk of construction.

Pine Street Park
Pine Street Park is a 1 acre park that was recently renovated as part of the Westerly Bikeway extension.  A paved parking area was constructed and landscaping and signage were added as well as access to the westerly bikeway.

Southern Playground
Southern Playground is 1.1 acres located on the corner of Seventh St. and Walnut St.  This is a neighborhood park with a shelter house with electricity, play equipment, full size basketball court and restroom facility.

Paint Creek Recreational Trail
Pedestrian/Bikeway Corridor is a 4.0 mile handicap accessible paved trail.  The trail bisects the city from the northwest corporation limit to the eastern most edge.  Better than 2/3 of the trail is located on top of the city’s floodwall protection levy, which provides beautiful vistas of the scenic Scioto River.  Construction of a connector under the Bridge Street Bridge was completed in 2003, so users of the bike path will no longer have to brave traffic on Bridge Street. 

Millenium Grove
In 2000 the U.S. Department of agriculture gave every state 100 trees, with ancestors of historical significance, to celebrate the new millennium 2001.  Chillicothe was chosen as the only city in Ohio to receive all 100 trees due to the exceptional urban forestry program in place, the existence of a tree care ordinance, and the continued hard work of the Chillicothe Tree Commission.  After two years of growth and care in the Western View Nursery, all 100 trees were planted in the grove in the fall of 2003. The Millennium Grove is a 7 acre park with over 100 trees that have ancestors connected with historical people, places or events. The trees are laid out in chronological order in seven glades that group the trees that are associated with Ohio, American History, Civil War - North, Civil War - South, Presidents, Famous Women, and Famous Men. In the Ohio glade there is a descendant of the national champion Kentucky coffeetree (over 300 years old, in Lake County, Ohio); and trees connected to Harriet Beecher Stowe; the wife of President Taft; the Wright Brothers; Neil Armstrong; and the state tree Ohio buckeye. By each tree there is a sign post that holds a faceplate that details the species name (common and scientific), a date, and information on the history associated with that tree. The sign posts are numbered and color-coded to facilitate self-guided tours. There are 40 different species of trees in the tour. To get to the Grove while driving on Bridge Street, turn between the Roosters restaurant and the BP gas station; at the stop sign turn left. At the next stop sign the Grove can be seen ahead - turn left down the driveway and park. Walk through the double line of flowering Japanese cherry trees and you have arrived! Literature is available at the Visitors Bureau at 45 East Main Street (740.702.7677).

Coppel Athletic Complex
Coppel Athletic Complex is 42 acres located on US 50 west, just before Slate Mills and bordered by North Fork Creek. This land was donated to the city from Sunrush LLC. Coppel has a modest sized playground. The park is predominantly used for youth league soccer but is often used for walking/running.

Western View Park
Western View Park is located on the corner of Western View Tree Nursery. Western Park is 2.4 acres and home to the city’s first tree nursery. This nursery was originally home to over two hundred trees planted in the spring of 1996. Most of the trees from this nursery have been planted in Yoctangee Park, Yoctangee Annex, Poland Park, and University Drive and as street trees throughout the city. The park now has play equipment and green field space.

Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park is located inside Yoctangee Park.  A scenic path contiguous with Lake Yoctangee that includes informational plaques about Chillicothe's storied history.

 Shawnee Wetlands Preserve
Shawnee Wetlands Preserve is a scenic 30-acre urban wetlands preserve located behind Shawnee Square shopping center.  

Goldie A. Gunlock Memorial Park
Goldie A. Gunlock Memorial Park is 49 acres, donated to the city in 1996, by the Gunlock family. 


35 S. Paint St. Chillicothe, OH 45601


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